Over the last couple of years, a new part of the body has become the center of attention – our eyebrows. Make up trends change all the time, but the way we do our eyebrows has probably seen the most radical transformation over the decades, going from barely noticeable thin lines, through a wild and bushy phase, and finally landing on the current trend of thick, carefully shaped, perfectly outlined frames for the eyes.

It's undoubtedly true that our eyebrows shape our faces and define our entire look by subtly altering our facial features and complementing our hair and make-up. Creating the right look means choosing the right shape and shade of the eyebrows for our faces. But there's a new treatment in town designed to help you achieve the perfection you strive for – the browtox.

Here’s everything you need to know before deciding to perfect your look with the cosmetic magic of Botox for your eyebrow-lift.

What is "Browtox" Exactly?

No, it’s not a typo! The Browtox is a new treatment designed to help you achieve the flawless eyebrows that will significantly improve your entire look. Browtox is a treatment which entails the injection of Botox into the surrounding area of the eyebrows. The goal is the lifting of the surrounding skin, which in turn corrects uneven or droopy eyebrows. Botox injections aren’t a new thing: they have been used both as parts of medical treatments for certain muscle conditions, as well as anti-aging fillers as part of aesthetically enhancing procedures for decades now. (Read Facial Implants Vs. Dermal Fillers.)

Botox is a neurotoxin derived from bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. Injected in very small doses, this toxin isn't life threatening. It paralyzes the muscles by preventing signals from nerve cells from reaching them. The paralysis of the facial muscles results in the wrinkle reduction, and the injections therefore seemingly stops the aging process – or at least stops it from showing on our skin. These exact same Botox fillers have now found a new use – eyebrow shaping.

In the case of Browtox, also known as botow, Botox is injected into the surrounding skin of the eyebrows in order to correct the shape of the eyebrows, especially in people who have already started to show signs of aging. Aging generally becomes visible when we lose skin elasticity and our bodies create deep wrinkles, and our eyes become “droopy”.

When Botox is injected around the eyebrows, the Botox not only adjusts the curves of the eyebrows and gives them a flawless symmetry, it also “picks them up”, lifting them just like it does for other facial features, and creates the image of much more open and alert eyes.

Plus, Browtox smooths out the deep wrinkles lodged in the area between the eyebrows. With the underlying muscles relaxed as a reaction to the Botox, the skin is smoothed and the forehead pulls up the relaxed muscles.

Essentially, Browtox is Botox, but concentrated in the eyebrow area, with the stress of the face-liftcomponent being on the muscles that’ll lift up the eyebrows.

What Does the Procedure Look Like?

The most important thing when getting Browtox is finding the right aesthetician. They should be a licensed professional who has experience working with Botox. Although getting Botox fillers is a very common and pretty safe procedure, the substance is a toxin and if administered by an unskilled person, it can be quite dangerous. What’s also important is communicating with your aesthetician – you want to be clear about your desired eyebrow arch.

The procedure is straightforward, with a minimal amount of Botox injected into the eyebrow area fairly quickly. Before the procedure, you'll be advised to stop taking any blood thinners or aspirin. A numbing crème will be rubbed into the target area to make the treatment as comfortable and painless as possible.

Generally, the injections aren’t painful at all – most people experience a slight discomfort which comes with a prickling sensation, but the treatment is no cause for fear or anxiety. It requires no downtime – you'll be all done and ready to go under 20 minutes altogether.

What to Expect After the Browtox Treatment

Browtox results can be seen fairly quickly. Normally, you’ll be able to see an improvement within one week after the procedure. Your eyebrows will be lifted, symmetrical, well-shaped, and surrounded by soft, wrinkle-free skin. This fresh and youthful look will last for up to three months.

While some may complain that the effects don’t last long enough, on the other hand the fact that it’s not permanent can be a comfort. There's always a risk you may dislike the results, and the fact that they'll eventually fade away puts less pressure on the decision. As the Botox fades away, you’re given a second chance for a different approach. (Read 7 Key Things to Watch Out For If You Are Considering Botox Injections.)

Also, when the popular eyebrow trend changes again, you’ll be ready to change with it, too!

Who Should Get Browtox?

The answer is – everyone who wants it!

Browtox isn’t tied to any gender or age, it’s meant for everyone who wants to have modern eyebrows. While the focus of Browtox is on the eyebrows and the visuals they create, it’s a procedure very popular with those of a mature age who have already started seeing subtle signs of aging. (Read Botox at 30? Why Millennials Want Injectables Now.)

The Benefits of Browtox

First and foremost, Browtox is a fast, painless, non-invasive treatment. It doesn’t take much planning or preparation, and you don’t need to take a day off to get it done. It’s an easy thing to sneak into your spa day or daily routine as it doesn’t ask for any recovery time, which means it can just be a stop on the way during your day.

Second, the results are visible in a matter of days, and last for up to three months, which means that it’s not something that will take up too much of your time or your finances if you decide you want to do it on a regular basis.

Finally, Browtox is a two-in-one procedure – not only does it help to perfect your brow look and add the finishing touches to the masterful frame you’ve been building around your eyes, but it also gets rid of wrinkles and makes the whole upper area of your face look smoother, younger and more open.

It’s a rare example of a cosmetic procedure that is both a part of your make-up, and an anti-aging technique!