Can I do a scalpel facial at home?

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Can I do a scalpel facial at home?


A scalpel facial is called dermaplaning. It’s the equivalence of shaving your face by a board-certified dermatologist. However, it doesn’t include shaving cream and a razor.

The purpose of this type of facial is to use a scalpel to remove the peach fuzz hairs on the skin surface. Everyone actually has peach fuzz covering their skin on the body but in some people the peach fuzz is quite thick and more visible. (Read Dermaplaning and You: Your Comprehensive Guide to Scalpel Facials.)

It’s usually these people who want to get a scalpel facial, primarily because waxing and threading don’t do the job all that well.

Laser treatments don’t work quick enough, and the cost adds up with repeated treatments.

So then what’s the harm of doing a scalpel facial on yourself at home? Well, first of all, the usual over-the-counter drugstore blades are not as sharp as the ones your dermatologist or plastic surgeon uses.

And since you haven’t done it before, there’s a high probability that you will cut yourself in the process. This can then lead to scarring and that’s a new problem; one bigger than simple peach fuzz.

Another potential problem is that it can activate cystic acne or cold sores. (Read Acne Scars: Here's How to Choose Your Best Acne Scar Removal Treatment.)

The effects from your dermatologist doing a scalpel facial are different than if you do it yourself. The dermatologist’s scalpel will go below the superficial layer of skin, delivering a brightening effect to your skin that is seen immediately after the procedure.

The products you use topically on your skin will permeate the skin better and it will seem easier to apply makeup.

For best results, see your plastic surgeon for a scalpel facial It’s an extra charge at the dermatologist office if you’re doing microdermabrasion but well worth it.

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