Definition - What does AccuLift mean?

AccuLift is a non-surgical procedure that is the first and only laser-assisted facial contouring treatment. AccuLift is considered a less invasive alternative to the traditional face lift. The procedure uses a laser to restore the jaw line and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment also works to reduce the fullness of the neck and provide contouring to the face to restore a youthful appearance.

TheConsultation explains AccuLift

AccuLift offers a less extreme approach to restoring the shape of the face without resorting to invasive procedures. Because the procedure is still relatively new, there is not enough information to know how long results will last. AccuLift is often chosen by patients who prefer noninvasive treatments or as a touch-up for a previous face lift procedure. Patients should be aware that the results are much less obvious than a full face lift, but AccuLift can treat specific problem areas such as noticeable jowls.

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