Acne Surgery

Definition - What does Acne Surgery mean?

Acne surgery refers to a variety of acne treatments that focus on remedying stubborn breakouts that don't respond to traditional treatment plans. Acne surgery is ideal for individuals who suffer from chronic acne that is prone to leaving scars. Generally, acne surgery is still used in conjunction with other treatment methods such as cleansers and medications.

TheConsultation explains Acne Surgery

There are several acne surgery options to choose from based on the severity of the patient's skin condition.

  • Excision refers to the surgical procedure that drains blemishes on the skin. The doctor creates an incision directly on the blemish to allow the pus to escape. Once the pus is cleared, the blemish can begin to heal.
  • Laser surgery refers to using a high-intensity pulse on the skin to reduce inflammation and promote healing of problem areas. There are several acne laser surgeries available that vary in intensity; results vary based on the severity of the patient's skin condition.
  • Chemical surgery refers to the use of a variety of chemical compounds to peel away layers of skin to promote healthy healing and reduce acne scarring.
  • Injections are used to shrink blemishes and reduce swelling and inflammation. This is a less common method, but is available as an acne treatment option.
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