Breast Reduction

Definition - What does Breast Reduction mean?

Breast reduction surgery reduces the size of the breasts through the removal of tissue and skin, liposuction, or a combination of the two. Breast reduction surgery is often pursued by women whose breasts present health effects, such as shoulder and back pain, or psychological distress.

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Women with unusually large breasts may suffer from physical and psychological issues as a result. Large breasts can cause head, neck and shoulder pain, can affect the ability to draw breath properly, and can cause permanent grooves on the shoulders because of the weight of the breasts on bra straps. Buying clothing that fits properly is difficult; participating in sports and physical activity can be painful and awkward; body image issues can sap confidence.

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Surgeons point out that enlarged breasts are not necessarily the result of being overweight. Many breast reduction patients are slender. In addition, most surgeons will advise overweight patients to lose weight before making up their minds as to whether to have breast reduction. Even if liposuction is chosen, the fat will quickly return without good lifestyle and exercise habits.

How complex this operation is depends very much on the amount of reduction to be done. In some patients, the weight of the breasts has caused the nipple to become poorly aligned, and this might necessitate removing the nipple and grafting it back into place. In less drastic breast reductions, tissue is removed from an incision made around the dark edge of the nipple. In other instances, the doctor must make a “lollipop” incision around the nipple and downwards to the base of the breast. In yet another variant of this surgery, a further incision is made in the crease of skin under the breast after making a lollipop incision.

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