Calf Implants

Definition - What does Calf Implants mean?

Calf implants are used to enhance the shape of the calf by adding bulk through insertion of an implant. The tendency towards overly slender claves is thought to be genetic. Although it is usually possible to improve the shape of the calves through exercise, some people find it hard to sculpt their calves or to add muscle bulk. Calf implants are also used to help people in whom one or both calves have become wasted owing to illness or injury. For example, people who have recovered from polio are often left with the affected limbs appearing wasted or poorly formed. Body builders may also opt for this type of enhancement.

TheConsultation explains Calf Implants

Calf implants are either placed on top of the muscle, or, more rarely, beneath the muscle. They are considered to be safe with side-effects being rare. However, as with breast implants, tissue may encapsulate the implant causing a lumpy appearance.

There is a limit to the size of implant that can be inserted safely. Doctors will assess expectations and advise patients accordingly. In addition, although calf implants can help to reconstruct wasted muscle after accident or injury, surgeons warn that the final appearance is not likely to be completely normal or perfectly match the look of a healthy leg.

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