Cheek Lift

Definition - What does Cheek Lift mean?

A cheek lift is a surgical procedure in which a doctor accesses the cheek muscles through incisions made beneath the lower eyelashes, lifts them, and attaches them to the temples. A cheek lift restores sagging cheeks and can make the area beneath the eyes appear more youthful.

TheConsultation explains Cheek Lift

Traditional facelifts only tightened the skin and did not address the problem of muscles that had begun to sag with age. That said, a cheek lift does not replace a facelift, which addresses loose skin in other areas of the face.

The cheek lift can be combined with a facelift, or it can be used on its own to address sagging cheeks that have caused “jowls” to form. Additional benefits include a reduction in the depth of lines that run between the sides of the nose and the mouth, and a reduction in the appearance of puffiness beneath the eyes thanks to the raised cheek muscle. Doctors note that a successful cheek lift appears more natural than a facelift and can make a facelift look more natural when it is done as an additional procedure.

This type of surgery is relatively minor with a recovery time of about two weeks, and very few people experience complications. It is also permanent, a factor that is seen as an advantage since it will enable patients to maintain the youthful shape of their cheeks as time goes by.

Research published in the Journal of Facial Plastic Surgery allowed independent specialists to evaluate the results obtained, and it was agreed that the procedure resulted in a significant aesthetic improvement.

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