Chin Implant

Definition - What does Chin Implant mean?

Chin implant surgery is a procedure in which fat, bone or a synthetic implant is placed under the skin over the bone in the chin area to correct a recessed chin, improve the jaw-line, or reduce the appearance of a “double chin.”

TheConsultation explains Chin Implant

The jawline has an important role in the overall look of a face. Although the line of the jaw and chin is most obvious when a person is viewed in profile, the facial proportions when viewed from the front are also affected by the size of the chin. Correcting the proportions of the chin can, therefore, have a striking effect on a person’s overall appearance.

A small or recessed chin can make a person’s nose look more prominent than it really is, and it makes loose skin on the throat appear more obvious too. As a result, surgeons often recommend chin implant surgery to patients who are having aesthetic surgery to correct the shape of the nose as well as those opting for facelift surgery.

Chin implant surgery is usually done under general anesthetic, but it can also be performed using local anesthetic in certain instances. The implant is inserted into the chin through an incision made on the inside of the mouth where the lower gum line ends. Sutures that dissolve by themselves over time are used, so there is no need to have stitches removed.

There will be some swelling and bruising after the procedure, and patients usually need a recovery time of seven to 10 days. After that, their doctors will advise them to avoid vigorous exercise for a several weeks.

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