Definition - What does Dimpleplasty mean?

Dimpleplasty is a cosmetic outpatient surgery in which the surgeon is able to create dimples, usually in the cheeks or chin. This surgery is to achieve a particular look wanted by the patient and is not advantageous to the health or to the structure of the face in any other way.

TheConsultation explains Dimpleplasty

Dimpled cheeks are often seen as a mark of beauty. However, only about 20 percent of people have natural dimples. A cosmetic surgeon can create dimples by emulating their natural cause. Dimples occur when the cheek’s musculature is attached to the skin. When the muscle contracts in a smile, the skin follows, causing a dimple.

To create a dimpled cheek, a cosmetic surgeon makes a small incision on the inside of the cheek. He or she then removes a small amount of tissue before stitching. The procedure is usually carried out using only a local anesthetic. Once the procedure has been completed, the face at rest will show a dimple, but within three months, it is barely perceptible when the face is at rest, and only shows to the full when the person smiles. The procedure for creating a cleft or dimpled chin is similar, but the dimple is always visible.

People hoping to have a dimpleplasty should determine whether the surgeon is experienced in the procedure. Too-deep dimples will look unnatural, and on the flipside, some people find that the dimple is not permanent. Because the surgery does not yet have a clearly proven track record, and long-term results are unknown, some surgeons refuse to do it, while others say that it is a simple and relatively safe procedure.

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