Ear Lobe Surgery

Definition - What does Ear Lobe Surgery mean?

Ear lobe surgery is a procedure undertaken to repair trauma to the earlobe or to reduce the size of unusually large ear lobes. Trauma to the ear lobe may have occurred as a result of torn ear lobe piercings, accidental or deliberate ear lobe stretching as a result of piercings, the removal of growths or injuries during accidents.

TheConsultation explains Ear Lobe Surgery

The fashion for pierced ears may not be a new one, but piercing the ear places it at risk of stretching or tearing. In recent decades, tribal-style earlobe stretching techniques also became popular as a fashion statement, and many people who undertook this process now have regrets and would like to see their ear lobes returned to normal.

As a result, ear lobe reconstruction is more common than ear lobe reduction, in which a person with naturally large earlobes would like its proportions reduced. Ear lobe reduction is easily achieved by removing tissue to reshape the base of the ear lobe. Ear lobe reconstruction techniques depend on the extent and type of damage that the ear lobe has suffered.

However, surgeons say that repairing damaged ear lobes is quickly and easily done, and in most cases, it is possible to restore the ear lobe to a condition at or near its state before the damage occurred.

Most types of ear lobe surgery can be performed under local anesthetic in the doctor’s surgery, and patients can return to regular activities immediately afterward. Repairing ear lobes damaged by piercing usually takes between 15 and 60 minutes. After a recovery time of one to three months, the patient can have his or her ears re-pierced, if desired.

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