Definition - What does Face-lift mean?

A face-lift is a cosmetic procedure in which the face and neck are restored to their youthful appearance. Individuals who undergo this procedure are usually concerned with sagging of the face or neck, deep crevices that have formed between the mouth and nose, fat loss that gives the face an aged look, development of jowls, loose skin that develops under the neck, commonly referred to as "turkey neck."

TheConsultation explains Face-lift

To perform a successful face-lift, a plastic surgeon will lift and tighten the facial muscles to restore the overall appearance of the neck and face. In conjunction with restoring the muscles, the surgeon will also remove pockets of fat and excess skin to remove the telltale signs of aging. There are a variety of methods used to perform a face-lift, but over the years, surgeons prefer to use minimally invasive techniques that reduce the discomfort and recovery time for the patient. Surgeons evaluate whether or not a person is a good candidate for this surgery based on the current condition of their skin elasticity, overall health, bone structure and the expectations of operation. Typically, individuals who are the best candidates for face-[lift surgery are healthy people between the ages of 40-70.

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