Facelift Revision

Definition - What does Facelift Revision mean?

A facelift revision is a cosmetic procedure to remedy complications from a previous facelift, restore the facelift after aging or other damage since the original facelift occurred. Patients often choose to have a facelift revision to correct sagging skin, hollowed appearance, or correct uneven earlobes. Usually, people elect a facelift revision because of natural aging and not to repair issues with a recent facelift.

TheConsultation explains Facelift Revision

Because skin is often thinner after undergoing on facelift, special considerations must be made in order for patients to have a successful facelift revision. To avoid tightening the skin too much, surgeons often use a method known as Deep Plane Facelifts in which the it lifts the muscles without tightening the skin. However, if drooping cheeks is the only issue with the face, endoscopic mid facelift in which small incisions and a telescope are used to focus on the mid region of the face by placing it back in its youthful position.

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