Forehead Reduction

Definition - What does Forehead Reduction mean?

Forehead reduction is a cosmetic procedure in which the hairline is lowered to give the appearance of a smaller forehead. The result is a more balanced and proportional face. Individuals who elect this procedure may do so because of genetics, hair loss, or in conjunction with other facial procedures. Other beneficial side effects of a forehead reduction may also be reducing wrinkles, reduction of hair loss, and an overall youthful appearance.

TheConsultation explains Forehead Reduction

Forehead reduction surgery usually takes two to three hours to complete. Patients are given a local anesthesia before making the proper incision along the hairline. Because the hairline is somewhat uneven, it is common to see a zigzag pattern at the incision site. Any skin above the incision mark is removed and the forehead and hairline are pulled up into place. The incisions are closed with two layers of stiches to ensure proper healing. This particular method can lower the hairline by 5cm, but if 6cm or more is desired then a more complex procedure is completed using temporary tissue expanders beneath the scalp. t

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