Hand Rejuvenation

Definition - What does Hand Rejuvenation mean?

Hand rejuvenation is a procedure for the back of the hands, and its aim is restoring the skin structure by improving it and rebuilding the fat layer beneath the skin to provide a better, more youthful appearance. It can also improve the elasticity of the skin and lessen the appearance of wrinkles.

TheConsultation explains Hand Rejuvenation

The hands can age as a result of the natural aging process as well as by external factors such as sun exposure, high temperatures, cold water, hot water or contact with chemicals.

Hand rejuvenation includes a number of different treatment options depending on the desired result:

  • Restoring the volume of backs of the hands, which can be done through lipofilling, large molecule hyaluronic acid injections and calcium hydroxyapatite injections
  • Restoring elasticity and tone, which can be achieved through mesotherapy, microdermabrasion and laser therapy
  • Restoring the skin color, which can be achieved through chemical peeling, mesotherapy and melanoblock creams.
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