Definition - What does Injectables mean?

Injectables represent a wide variety of liquids, flexible substances, with a different viscosities depending on the product used. They are injected into various layers of skin with very small needles to improve the aesthetic appearance of wrinkles or to re-contour various facial structures.

Injection augmentation is a non-invasive method, with no recovery periods, which can be a substitute for aggressive aesthetic surgery. They are often used as the first line in anti-embarrassment treatments.

Injectables are also known as fillers.

TheConsultation explains Injectables

Continuous progress in this field has allowed the development of a wide range of substances with different properties and advantages. Today they are divided into absorbable products (collagen, hyaluronic acid) with a duration of 6-12 months, semi-permanent (hydroxyapatite, poly-L-lactic acid) lasting 2 years and permanent (silicone microspheres, etc.).

Each of them has different indications, requiring various injection techniques. They are known as 'Fillers' and most commonly used are those based on hyaluronic acid.

This substance is found naturally in the skin and does not pose any major risks to the patient. Injection of these products is done at different levels of the skin depending on the depth of the wrinkle.

  • Superficial: for fine wrinkles (at the level of the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eye, mouth or cheek).
  • Profound: for the improvement of facial grooves (nasolabial shaft, mouth corners, chin ditches).
  • Under the skin: in the adipose tissue, for the reconstitution of cheekbones, chin and relief. Also, an important aspect to be kept in mind is choosing the right filler.

For volumizing or augmentation, a dense filler is required. For prolonged effects a permanent filler is preferred.

It is usually recommended to associate these injection techniques (superficial and deep) to achieve a pronounced cosmetic effect with prolonged duration. A deeply injected filler adjusts the beneficial result of a superficial filler and vice versa. Often, the dermatologist recommends treatments combined with botulinum toxin or microdermabrasion, dermabrasion or lasers that act synergistically through other anti-aging mechanisms.

Another common indication of augmenting substances is redefining the contour and volume of the lips that can prevent them from being wiped off or have the appearance of perioral wrinkles (smoker wrinkles).

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