Definition - What does Labiaplasty mean?

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that is applied to the inner lips of the vulva, usually to decrease rather than increase their size.

Labiaplasty is increasingly popular as form of cosmetic surgery, even among women with labia that would be classed as medically normal. However, there are also instances in which the inner lips of the vulva become overly large, resulting in chafing, pain and irritation when doing perfectly ordinary things.

TheConsultation explains Labiaplasty

Enlarged labia can become visible through clothing, causing extreme embarrassment. Some women also have noticeably asymmetrical labia, and are therefore afraid to have sex for fear of putting off their partner or being ridiculed. Additional problems with overly enlarged or hypertrophied labia include hygiene problems owing to being unable to wipe the area properly after urination, urinary tract infections and odor issues.

When this procedure is considered by women with normal labia, the problem may not be the labia themselves, but rather expectations raised owing to pornographic images of prepubescent girls who have naturally small labia, or images that have been altered. The current trend towards intimate hair removal also makes the labia appear more prominent, leading many women to feel that their labia are overly large or lacking in appeal.

Labiaplasty surgery should be approached with caution, with the primary question being why the patient is unhappy with the inner labia. Medical professionals note that the problem can often be more psychological than physical, and that altering the labia may not have the desired effect on overall wellbeing.

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