Definition - What does Vaginoplasty mean?

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure. In women, it is often requested by those who experience looseness or slackness of the vaginal canal after natural childbirth. It's also used to correct vaginal abnormalities, or, in the case of transgender individuals, to create a vagina.

TheConsultation explains Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty isn't necessarily a cosmetic surgery. It could be argued that woman who experiences vaginal slackness after childbirth still has normal vaginal functioning and is therefore undertaking a cosmetic surgery procedure. However, vaginoplasty is most often seen as a form of reconstructive surgery.

The procedure was originally developed to help young women and girls with vaginal abnormalities that could limit their ability to have sex, menstruate normally, or experience childbirth. It's also used to restore vaginal functioning after a trauma such as surgery – and childbirth could fall under this category.

Vaginoplasty has been used to help those with physical intersex conditions to assume a physical gender identity, and more recently, for those who are psychologically rather than physically transgender and who wish to alter their bodies to match their identity.

The procedure itself can be approached in a number of ways depending on whether the vagina must be created, enlarged, or tightened. For example, intestinal vaginoplasty surgery converts part of the colon to replace the vagina, whereas a vaginal “tightening” would focus on an existing, “normal” vagina that has been damaged through childbirth or surgical trauma.

Since the treatment varies according to existing physical conditions and desired outcomes, consultation with a doctor will be required in order to determine what the surgery entails, what risks patients face and how long the recovery time may be.

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