Lip Lift

Definition - What does Lip Lift mean?

Lip lift surgery is a procedure that can be used to make the demarcation between the edge of the lip and the skin around it more obvious. It also reshapes the area above the lip, improving its proportions and shape.

TheConsultation explains Lip Lift

Doctors refer to the area where the pinker skin of the lips transitions to the surrounding skin the “vermillion border.” If this border is unclear, or becomes unclear with age, people become uncomfortable with their appearance and can lose confidence. In addition, the upper lip would ordinarily have a “cupid’s bow” shape, and if this is lacking, a lip lift can be used to sculpt the upper lip.

Although younger patients may feel the need for this procedure, it is most often used when older patients find that their lips have sagged over time, affecting their appearance when they smile. The corners of the mouth may also droop, and lip lift surgery corrects this issue.

Lip lifts differ from lip augmentation which can be done using surgical or non-surgical procedures. The surgery itself can be done in several ways. Surgeons classify the different types of lip lift surgery as Direct Lip Lift (DLL), Indirect Lip Lift (IDL), Corner of the Mouth Lift (CML), and V-Y Lip Advancement (VYLA).

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