Lip Reduction

Definition - What does Lip Reduction mean?

Lip reduction is a surgical procedure that is used to balance the proportions of the lips in relation to the face and to each other by reducing the volume of the lips.

TheConsultation explains Lip Reduction

In the past, lip reduction surgery focused purely on reducing the volume of the lips without altering their shape. Nowadays, surgeons also use the opportunity to contour the lips as needed to achieve the patient’s aesthetic goals.

Simply reducing volume can be achieved by removing a strip of tissue in the shape of an ellipse. However, contouring the lips requires a “bikini” technique. In this instance, the incisions are shaped like a bikini top for the upper lip and a bikini bottom for the lower lip.

The lower incision is therefore triangular, while the upper one is shaped like the two cups of a bikini top with a short “strap” in between. A variation of this technique allows for instances where the patient prefers a less marked change to the volume of the lips.

Although many patients opt for lip reduction surgery for purely cosmetic reasons, there are also instances when it is recommended to correct physiological problems caused by the shape of the lips. For example, a condition known as Macrocheilia is characterized by very prominent lips that interfere with the way the mouth is supposed to work. It can cause speech impediments, and if the lips do not close properly, the person may be inclined to drool. For people faced with this condition, it becomes difficult to deal with interpersonal contact or to pursue a career. Lip reduction surgery corrects the problem, allowing the patient to approach social situations with confidence.

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