Definition - What does Microblading mean?

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure which fills in sparse eyebrows or even creates a whole new brow with colored pigment. It requires a specific hand tool which creates little strokes under the surface of the skin to create what looks like eyebrow hair. The results look more realistic because they have a 3D effect.

Microblading enhances the concept that has been popular for years in tattooing, but the results look more like real eyebrows.

TheConsultation explains Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that must be reapplied about every two years. The initial treatment will have the biggest impact with a follow-up appointment to retouch any areas that may need more depth or filling in. Occasionally, one or two extra treatments will be required to get the desired look. Because it’s a nonsurgical procedure, microblading can be done in a cosmetics office.

This will involve talking to an expert who will shape the brows and determine where they need to be filled in, as well as the color of the brows. Then an anesthetic cream will be applied to numb the area. After the procedure has been completed, ointment will be applied to help the area heal. The procedure takes about an hour and is relatively safe because only the top layer of skin is affected.

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