Neck Lift

Definition - What does Neck Lift mean?

A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the look of the neck. It can include various procedures based on your goals. Some of the issues addressed with this procedure include extra fat and too much skin. It also reduces the problem of loose skin, which comes with age, often referred to as "turkey wattle neck." The scientific term for a neck lift is lower rhytidectomy, and the goal is to reduce signs of aging.

TheConsultation explains Neck Lift

During a neck lift, the surgeon might remove excess skin from around the neck or use liposuction to get rid of extra fat. Surgeons may also recommend altering some of the neck muscles or even removing them. Botox injections or Kybella injections are another option. Both of these can help deal with the problem of fat deposits or fullness around the neckline. Cervicoplasty is the name of the procedure, which involves removing the extra skin, while platysmaplasty is the process of altering or removing neck muscles.

A neck lift may be recommended when the neck area appears older than the face. A neck lift is a surgical procedure with two options for an incision. The first is a traditional incision, beginning along the hairline and continuing around the ear and to the back of the hair. The second is a limited incision, which is located around the ear. Surgery tends to take about three hours and is done as an out-patient procedure, but it is recommended that patients not stay alone their first night as there may be swelling and discomfort.

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