Definition - What does Septoplasty mean?

Septoplasty, in the context of cosmetic surgery, is the cosmetic procedure used to correct a deviated septum following a rhinoplasty surgery. The septum is the bone that separates the cartilage in the nose. As the nose grows during development, the cartilage may get twisted or bent causing the nose to look misshapen. A septolasty procedure can correct the internal issue and create a more symmetrical appearance.

TheConsultation explains Septoplasty

Septoplasty repositions the cartilage back to the middle of the nose and makes the nose appear straighter and more proportional to other features. Not everybody who undergoes a rhinopasty should also select a septoplasty. A plastic surgeon will examine a patient's nose internally and externally to determine if this is the proper procedure. People who should have septoplasty following rhinoplasty include: individuals with a deviated septum or a crooked nose, and patients who require cartilage grafts as part of their rhinoplasty procedure.

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