Skin Lightening

Definition - What does Skin Lightening mean?

Skin lightening is the use of products and methods to lighten the skin or remove discoloration. Skin lightening can include various mixtures, creams or procedures to achieve the final results. The selection of the appropriate method for skin lightening will be determined based on severity of current condition, the location of the skin being corrected and the patient's goals.

TheConsultation explains Skin Lightening

There are a variety of reasons why an individual may opt for skin lightening. In some instances, it is to remove acne scars, freckles, blotchy dark spots or uneven skin tone. Skin lighteners in the form of a cream work because the active ingredient, hydroquinone, reduces the melanin (the brown to dark brown color) found in the skin. Skin lightening laser treatments can pinpoint specific areas of the skin that need lightening without damaging surrounding skin. For more stubborn skin conditions, chemical peels may be used to reduce pigmentation and create an even skin tone.

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