V Beam Laser

Definition - What does V Beam Laser mean?

V Beam Laser is categorized as a pulse dye laser. This means that the laser generates pulsing energy that emits beams of different colors. The laser targets red protein in blood vessels that have been damaged due to various skin conditions. The laser is precise enough to focus only on damaged skin and not the healthy, undamaged skin near the troubled area.

TheConsultation explains V Beam Laser

V Beam laser uses the pulses from the laser to shoot energy back into impacted areas of the skin. Over time, the energy causes the breakdown and ultimate removal of the troubled area. This treatment is designed for a number of skin conditions including rosacea, spider veins, broken blood vessels, hyperpigmentation, scars and vein lesions. Most patients experience a sunburn-like sensation, swelling, and redness following their treatment. The original skin issue will determine the number of treatments and expected results.

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