Alexandrite Laser

Definition - What does Alexandrite Laser mean?

Alexandrite lasers are cutting-edge devices that can transmit high-energy, red light beams through an Alexandrite crystal. The laser is adjusted to produce short pulses of light, which then emits a beam that measures 755 nanometers. This is, therefore, the distance that it can penetrate through multiple layers of skin.

TheConsultation explains Alexandrite Laser

Alexandrite laser treatments are usually used for hair removal, but they can also be used to treat age-spots, birthmarks, remove tattoos or clear away spider veins. Alexandrite laser treatments should only be applied by a qualified technician or cosmetic surgeon.

In all instances, a course of treatments is recommended, and the number of treatments needed will depend on the results to be achieved and the patient’s skin type. In hair removal, six to 12 treatments are usually recommended, depending on the color and texture of the hair to be removed. Pale, fine hair requires fewer treatments than thicker, dark hair. Alexandrite lasers are effective in removing finer, paler hair that is not reduced when other types of laser are used.

Alexandrite laser treatments are often recommended for people with darker skin tones since they will have less effect on the skin itself. However, people with very dark skin will experience more effective hair removal when the doctor or beauty therapist uses a diode laser.

In tattoo removal, the type of laser chosen will depend on the pigments used. Alexandrite lasers seem to be particularly effective in reducing black and dark blue tattoo pigments.

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