Corner of the Mouth Lift (CML)

Definition - What does Corner of the Mouth Lift (CML) mean?

A corner of the mouth lift (CML) is a surgical intervention that can lift drooping corners of the mouth to convey a friendlier expression when the face is at rest. While this is definitely one alternative, it is sometimes used when Botox injections have not resulted in the patient's anticipated result.

TheConsultation explains Corner of the Mouth Lift (CML)

People judge each other by their facial expressions. Drooping mouth corners convey sadness, austerity, anger and negativity, even when the owner of the mouth has none of these personality traits or emotional states. This can lead to unfair discrimination that can even be subconscious. People with drooping mouth corners can undergo a minor surgical procedure to create a friendlier, more appealing facial expression.

The procedure takes approximately 10 minutes per side and can be done under local anesthesia or general anesthesia, whether alone or in combination with other procedures. The surgeon marks out a triangle above the corners of the upper lip, removes approximately one square centimeter of skin, and lifts the corners of the mouth by suturing the upper and lower edges of tissue together. Stitches can usually be removed in under a week.

A variation of the procedure, in which an oval-shaped area of skin is removed, exists, but this results in less of a lifting effect, and there is greater potential for visible scarring.

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