V-Y Lip Advancement (VYLA)

Definition - What does V-Y Lip Advancement (VYLA) mean?

V-Y lip advancement (VYLA) is a surgical procedure performed to enhance the fullness of only the upper lip, seen as the degree to which the upper lip projects or “pouts.” It can also be used to alter the curvature of the cupid’s bow at the center of the upper lip.

TheConsultation explains V-Y Lip Advancement (VYLA)

According to studies, fuller lips are associated with greater attractiveness, especially in women. Fuller lips will naturally tend to project from the skin below the nose and under the lower lip. However, some people have an underdeveloped upper lip, a characteristic that may make the nose and jaw seem overly prominent because the upper lip lacks fullness. This typically occurs as a result of the aging process.

Aesthetic surgeons say that the proportions of both upper and lower lips are important in our perceptions of beauty. Both lips should have a degree of projection or prominence, with the upper lip projecting about 2mm further than the lower one when the face is viewed in profile.

V-Y lip advancement is performed by making two V-shaped incisions inside the upper lip. The flap of tissue is then moved upward and sutured in a V to Y closure, enhancing the fullness and curvature of the upper lip. The degree to which the fullness of the upper lip is altered depends on the width of the V-shaped incisions. As a result, surgeons are able to customize the procedure according to their patients’ needs. The surgery produces permanent results, and complications are rare. Patient surveys found that most were satisfied with the results achieved.

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