Definition - What does AcceleDent mean?

OrthoAccel Technologies developed the AcceleDent system, an accelerated orthodontic device, which, by using vibrations (25 - 30 Hz), manages to greatly reduce rehabilitation time and provide more predictable outcomes. AcceleDent is a removable and non-invasive system that the patient uses only 20 minutes a day and is compatible with both braces and aligners.

AcceleDent has obtained the required certifications and is the only FDA-cleared device of its kind.

TheConsultation explains AcceleDent

AcceleDent comprises a mouthpiece that is adjusted to the teeth and a lightweight activator. It works by delivering gentle vibrations known as micropulses that speed up cellular activity and, as a result, bone remodeling of the teeth, reducing substantially orthodontic treatment time. The only thing that the patient has to do is to bite gently on the mouthpiece, and Acceledent does the rest.

In the clinical trials, it was recorded that AcceleDent can accelerate tooth movement by 106 percent in the initial alignment phase and from 38-50 percent in the interval closure phase without causing any damage to roots or teeth. Dr Dubravko Pavlin, professor of orthodontics at the University of Texas, claims that recovery time can be reduced even by five months.

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