Accent Laser

Definition - What does Accent Laser mean?

Accent Laser, also known as Accent Your Body, is an FDA-approved and CE Mark-awarded device that uses radiofrequency technology to treat cellulite and make loose skin firmer. Accent system consists of two handpieces: a bipolar for superficial dermal heating, used primarily for skin tightening purposes and a unipolar handpiece which delivers controlled RF energy deep into the skin for cellulite treatment and fat reduction.

TheConsultation explains Accent Laser

During the treatment, you feel a warm sensation without experiencing any discomfort. As the handpiece slides over the skin, the temperature of the treated area is constantly controlled both to avoid excessive heating of the skin and to ensure that the RF energy is delivered uniformly. The RF energy targets the sub-dermal layers of the skin without damaging the superficial ones.

The treatments can be performed either by a doctor or by a trained aesthetician under medical supervision. There is no downtime. Usually, six sessions are recommended for the best outcome, and the results may last up to 18 months.

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