African American Rhinoplasty

Definition - What does African American Rhinoplasty mean?

African American rhinoplasty refers to a specialized cosmetic procedure in which specific characteristics of the nose are defined or reshaped to achieve a more desirable appearance as per the patient's request. While the procedure itself is very similar to a regular rhinoplasty, there are specific concerns that must be addressed that are specific to African American physical traits.

TheConsultation explains African American Rhinoplasty

African American rhinoplasty often focuses on creating more tip support, smaller nostrils and a more defined dorsum. This procedure often requires removing tissues and adding cartilage to the tip and inserting an implant to create a dorsal height to the nose. Additional cartilage can be taken from the patient's own ear and placed in the nose. Tissue may also be removed from the nostrils and sutured closed. After the procedure, a splint is often put in place to reduce swelling and support the nose during recovery time.

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