Artas Robotic Hair Transplant

Definition - What does Artas Robotic Hair Transplant mean?

The Artas robotic hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure to treat hair loss. It uses robotics to determine the best hairs to use for transplanting and then ensures they are harvested to preserve the donor site without scarring. This system is designed for men who have straight hair that is either brown or black in color.

TheConsultation explains Artas Robotic Hair Transplant

The Artas system is a physician-assisted procedure that begins with a 3D image to show where the hair will be transplanted, along with the number of grafts that are necessary. The best hairs are identified using this system and then harvested in a precise manner. The original design is relayed to the robot so it can place the hairs in the correct location using physician assistance. It generally takes about six months for results to be noticeable, but longer for the full impact to be seen as the new hair continues to grow. The hair is harvested from other areas of the head. This procedure is performed in a physician’s office with a local anesthetic.

There is almost no pain, but only minor discomfort in some patients and slight swelling, which goes away in no more than three days. This procedure provides permanent results that are natural and subtle. Recovery time is only a day or two, with the patient able to return to normal activities after that time. Hair should be cut before the treatment to make it easier to locate the harvest area for the transplant. The entire procedure takes between four to eight hours, depending on how many grafts must be done.

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