Asian Rhinoplasty

Definition - What does Asian Rhinoplasty mean?

Asian rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure focused on the Asian ethnic group. It is a traditional rhinoplasty designed to alter the nose of Asian patients. Also known as an Asian nose job in common terms, the goal of the procedure is to give the patient a nose that is narrower, more prominent and with a sharper tip.

TheConsultation explains Asian Rhinoplasty

Specific changes are made to the nose in an Asian rhinoplasty procedure. More height is added to the nose, while it is also narrowed. The surgeon will create a sharper tip to the nose and change the shape of the nostril. The entire profile of the nose is also altered. The results can be quite dramatic, while still maintaining balance with the rest of the face.

The surgery may have different forms, including open, closed, functional and nonsurgical. Each type of procedure is unique. The types of procedure can be combined. Open rhinoplasty involves lifting the skin to make changes, while a closed procedure allows the surgeon to work inside the nostrils. Fillers are used in a nonsurgical procedure. Functional rhinoplasty focuses on the function of the nose. The surgery takes about two to three hours on average, depending on the work being done.

Recovery takes about two weeks before patients can resume a normal routine. However, full recovery can be as long as nine months or up to two years. Swelling and pain are the most common side effects following this kind of surgery. A plastic surgeon will help determine what work needs to be done, based on the patient's goals.

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