Blue Peel

Definition - What does Blue Peel mean?

A blue Peel is a chemical skin peel system that treats a variety of skin issues such as blemishes, fine lines, pigmentation concerns, and acne. Because it is a slow-acting TCA peel, it allows the doctor to control the depth and intensity of the peel. This means that patients can use the Blue Peel to correct minor to more serious skincare concerns.

TheConsultation explains Blue Peel

The doctor will apply the Blue Peel directly the skin intended for treatment. Because it is a slow-acting treatment plan, the process can be more controlled than other options out there. Patients may experience minor redness or swelling that will vary based on the intensity of the treatment chosen. While it may be used on other areas of the body, it is intended for smaller treatment areas, primarily the face. It should be overseen by a licensed, experienced doctor.

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