Body Jet

Definition - What does Body Jet mean?

Body jet is a type of liposuction designed to reduce body fat. It uses streams of water that are highly concentrated to dislodge fat from specific areas of your body so that it can easily be removed. It is often preferred because it’s much gentler on the patient than other forms of liposuction.

TheConsultation explains Body Jet

Just like with traditional liposuction, body jet liposuction, or body jet lipo, requires the surgeon to make small incisions. The difference is that a stream of pressurized water loosens the fat, instead of a hollow tube.

The main reason body jet is becoming more popular is that it lessens the amount of damage done to cells, tissues, blood vessels and muscles that surround the fat tissue.

The people who will benefit from body jet lipo are the same as those who would make good candidates for traditional liposuction. The patient should be in good health and have firm skin, with only localized pockets of fat. They should also only be minimally to moderately overweight, because this is not a weight-loss procedure.

There is less bruising, swelling and bleeding with body jet, and recovery time is only a few days for most patients. The procedure is generally done with a local anesthesia, which also reduces the risks involved. It usually only takes one or two hours, but the results are longer-term since the fat cells are removed permanently. There will likely be some pain involved, along with swelling and redness for several days.

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