Definition - What does BriteSmile mean?

A BriteSmile is an in-office tooth whitening system with immediately visible results. It's a bleaching process that removes or significantly fades the discolorations of enamel and dentin, depending on the extent of the problem. As a result, through this system, you can have an average of three shades whiter teeth over an hour.

TheConsultation explains BriteSmile

The BriteSmile treatment is unique compared to other ADA-approved professionally applied whitening methods because it makes use of a pH 6.5, 15 percent hydrogen peroxide gel partnered with a gas-plasma or a metal halide light (BriteSmile light) to speed up the bleaching process. As hydrogen peroxide, the active ingredient, is broken down, oxygen penetrates the enamel and dentin, whitening any discoloration without damaging the structure of the teeth. The BriteSmile light acts synergically and promotes the activation and penetration of the hydrogen peroxide into the surface of the teeth. An advantage of this technology is that during the BriteSmile process both upper and lower teeth can be whitened at the same time and the whole session lasts no more than one hour. However, as with any tooth bleaching product, BriteSmile is not recommended for children under 13 years of age or pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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