Butt Implants

Definition - What does Butt Implants mean?

Butt implants, commonly also known as a Brazilian butt lift, enhance the size and shape of the buttocks in much the same way as breast implants are used to shape and augment breasts. Like breast augmentation, the insertion of butt implants does require surgery and will also require recovery time.

TheConsultation explains Butt Implants

Curvy, rounded, full buttocks form part of today's popular conception of attractiveness. For those with flat or sagging buttocks, butt implants offer an ideal solution. The American Society of Cosmetic Surgeons says that the demand for butt implants is on the rise, even though the procedure has been available for some time. It was first performed over 40 years ago, but the skyrocket in popularity for a rounded figure with larger buttocks and breasts has added to this increase in demand.

Fat grafting is often preferred by surgeons, but for thin women, this might not be practical. In this instance, the butt is enhanced through the insertion of implants. There is no visible scarring with this procedure, as the the surgeon makes incisions that are hidden by the crease between the buttocks. The implant is placed either above or under the muscle, but in most cases, under-the-muscle implants are recommended, since they give a more natural look. In fact, doctors report that most women asking for a reversal of the procedure had implants placed above the muscle. However, there are circumstances in which a surgeon will recommend above-the muscle placement, particularly when the client seeks larger butt implants.

As with any kind of surgery, complications are possible but relatively rare. Yet, cosmetic surgeons warn against using overly large implants, as this increases the chance of the incisions separating.

Surgeons warn against opting for “cheap” alternatives, particularly injectables, which have led to deformities and, in severe situations, even death. Instead, they recommend that patients seeking butt implants approach a reputable, certified cosmetic surgeon and choose either fat grafting or silicone implants.

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