Calf Implant

Definition - What does Calf Implant mean?

A calf implant is comprised of silicone and inserted into the calf in order to make it look larger. Calf implants are often referred to as calf augmentation. The calf implant surgery is fairly simple and only requires about one hour to complete, however, patients should expect downtime for at least a few days to recover.

TheConsultation explains Calf Implant

Calf implants are utilized in plastic surgery only. Since the size of the calf does not impact health, the procedure is considered elective. In comparison to other plastic surgery operations, calf implants are among the most simple procedures with fewer side effects. However, patients should expect some swelling, pain, and bruising following the procedure.

The average cost of the procedure ranges up to $3,707 (USD) but may be more or less depending on the circumstances of the surgery.

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