ClearChoice Dental Implants

Definition - What does ClearChoice Dental Implants mean?

When it comes to dental implants, patients are usually prepared to undergo a complex process of scheduling various visits with different specialists in different locations. ClearChoice solves this problem by providing a patient with their own personal dental team that takes care of them at each phase of the implant process. The good news is that all the required visits are scheduled in one location with all the specialists and necessary equipment available.

TheConsultation explains ClearChoice Dental Implants

First, a patient visits a ClearChoice location for a free consultation. Once ready for the implant procedure, the patient undergoes a pre-operation examination. Initially, a prosthodontist prepares the things that are needed for the main procedure and, then, the single-day implant procedure follows, in which the patient receives their temporary teeth. The permanent, custom-made teeth are placed after the tissues are healed. A series of follow-up visits are required. In the meantime, the implants fuse to the bone and the tissue heals, a process that may last up to several months. Throughout the treatment, patients are constantly evaluated by the team in order to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Finally, as soon as the dental tissues are completely healed and the implants are fixed, a patient receives their customized teeth. During this last stage, the temporary crowns are removed and are replaced by the custom permanent ones.

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