Definition - What does Coolaser mean?

Coolaser is the proprietary name of a brand of fractional Erbium lasers used for skin resurfacing. It is popular as a treatment for to remove or minimize scars, pigmentation spots, including birthmarks and melasma, stretch marks, and wrinkles.

TheConsultation explains Coolaser

Superficial skin resurfacing can be achieved with chemical peels and microdermabrasion, but to get deeper down, lasers are needed. Fractional Erbium lasers reach the deep layers of the skin causing carefully targeted damage that triggers healing and the production of fresh, new skin. The Coolaser allows for a quicker healing time frame than other laser resurfacing techniques.

There isn’t much to differentiate the Coolaser from other fractional Erbium lasers that most dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons already have. Cosmetic surgeons warn that the Coolaser is a marketing gimmick and that there is no reason to seek out a clinic offering it under its proprietary name. Instead, they suggest that those hoping to improve skin texture and reduce discoloration consult a certified cosmetic surgeon for personalized advice. With many celebrities having claimed remarkable results with Coolaser, many insist on the brand name, and they can expect to pay considerably more for the brand name version.

As with other laser treatments, patients need 2-5 days away from the office and will be asked to stay out of the sun. After treatment, the skin will be red, and will feel like a sunburn, plus the skin might peel. Wearing makeup isn’t recommended until healing is complete.

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