Cosmetic Acupuncture (facial accupuncture)

Definition - What does Cosmetic Acupuncture (facial accupuncture) mean?

Cosmetic acupuncture is a procedure that uses acupuncture needles inserted at specific meridians to relax lines and wrinkles and stimulate collagen production. There is no single protocol for the treatment, and the practitioner will generally decide on whether to use facial cosmetic acupuncture only, or whether to combine it with acupuncture on other areas of the body.

TheConsultation explains Cosmetic Acupuncture (facial accupuncture)

Acupuncture may be regarded as an “alternative therapy,” but it’s far from the lunatic fringe. Several studied have confirmed that acupuncture can have medical benefits, and now cosmetic acupuncture has become a fast-growing trend. The theory is that many facial issues are a result of tension and acupuncture can help to relive this, soothing the lines and wrinkles away.

There’s also the physical effect of the needles themselves, which stimulate blood circulation, trigger natural healing responses, and could help to boost collagen production. As yet, there’s little scientific evidence to support cosmetic acupuncture, but several small studies seem to indicate real benefits. One concluded that there appeared to be an improvement in skin elasticity, while another measured hydration and oil production and found that acupuncture seemed to increase both.

A single treatment is unlikely to produce any significant results. Practitioners of cosmetic facial acupuncture usually recommend a course of 10 sessions, and sometimes, multiple courses of treatment are recommended.

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