Damon Braces

Definition - What does Damon Braces mean?

Damon Braces are an alternative to traditional braces. The primary difference between this option and the rest is that the side mechanism is used to hold the straightening wire in place. This allows the teeth to be less restrained and thus move more freely.

Reviews indicate that this option may be more comfortable than traditional braces.

TheConsultation explains Damon Braces

Damon Braces don't require spacers or bands. Another primary difference is that conventional braces often require the removal of teeth or spacers in order to adequately shape the new smile. However, Damon Braces focuses on using less force in order to reshape existing teeth and improving facial structure. Treatment time, outcome, and comfortableness are said to be higher than traditional braces simply because of the gentle movement and simple structure of the Damon braces' wires.

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