Duodenal Switch

Definition - What does Duodenal Switch mean?

Duodenal Switch is a weight loss surgery designed to shrink the size of the stomach in obese patients. This procedure also works to reroute the small intestine as well as the digestive loop so that people can't consume large food portions like they did prior to surgery. There are essentially two parts to this surgery, including the restrictive component and the malabsorptive component which work together to create a significant patient weight loss.

TheConsultation explains Duodenal Switch

Restrictive component: This part of the Duodenal Switch surgery focuses on reducing the size of the stomach. Essentially, the stomach is cut open and more than 85 percent of it is removed. The stomach that remains is only six ounces.

Malabsorptive component: This part of the surgery restricts the amount of calories that the body can take in. The small intestine is rearranged so that the food and the bile of the stomach are separated until the last 18-24 inches of intestine, which limits the amount of nutrients the body can absorb.

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