Embrace Scar Therapy

Definition - What does Embrace Scar Therapy mean?

Embrace Scar Therapy is a skin management system that reduces the appearance of scars. The system includes an applicator and silicone dressing that is placed directly on the targeted site. The process helps prevent dark, raised scars that often result from injuries or surgeries. The treatment is designed for fresh scars that have developed in the last six months. The treatment plan can take up to eight weeks to achieve the desired results.

TheConsultation explains Embrace Scar Therapy

Embrace Scar Therapy works to reduce the tension on the incision site which is the primary cause of scarring. The applicator gently holds the incision site together allowing it to heal. While the incision site should be no more than six months old, it is ideal for the applicator to be applied between two and four weeks after sutures are removed. The earlier you begin treatment, the more likely you will achieve desired results. Results will vary among patients.

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