EndyMed 3Deep

Definition - What does EndyMed 3Deep mean?

EndyMed 3Deep refers to a non-surgical eye lifting and wrinkle reduction treatment. This FDA-approved head-to-toe option provides patients with radiofrequency energy via a hand-held device. The energy stimulates various levels of the skin to boost collagen production.

Not only can EndyMed 3Deep be used to address wrinkles and cellulite, but it can also contour and tighten the skin making it a comprehensive treatment plan that can serve a variety of patients.

TheConsultation explains EndyMed 3Deep

EndyMed 3Deep is administered by using a variety of hand-held devices that vary in shape and size in order to address different target areas on the body. As the hand-held device is moved along the problem area, the energy tightens and promotes collagen growth. The entire process is painless and requires no downtime.

The number of treatments required can vary significantly and will be determined based on the severity of the problem area.

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