Definition - What does Exilis mean?

Exillis is a combinational treatment that addresses target area fat removal with skin tightening. Exillis uses a device to permeate radiofrequency and ultrasound waves through the skin. As this occurs, fat cells are heated, eventually die, and are eliminated naturally from the body. At the same time, collagen growth is stimulated, and the result is less fat and tighter skin.

TheConsultation explains Exilis

Exillis is not considered a weight loss procedure. Instead, this treatment is best for individuals who have stubborn pockets of fat from small weight gain or due to pregnancy. While there are skin tightening benefits, this Exillis is not considered ideal for people who have excessive loose skin. The number of treatments varies, but patients should expect to receive anywhere from 4-6 treatments on average with 7-10 days in between each treatment. The treatment is pain-free and typically takes about 15-30 minutes to complete.

The device is gently massaged over the treatment area, and the temperature will heat up and cool off automatically. The treatment is virtually pain-free and requires no downtime.

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