Facial Reconstructive Surgery

Definition - What does Facial Reconstructive Surgery mean?

Facial reconstructive surgery refers to a variety of facial procedures that restores the appearance of the face. Patients most suitable for this type of operation include those suffering from deformities, burns, trauma or other abnormalities. Individuals who undergo facial reconstructive surgery may do so for appearance or function purposes. There are a variety of procedures that fall under this category, including scar treatment, nose reconstruction, cleft lip and palate repair and a variety of facial trauma treatments.

TheConsultation explains Facial Reconstructive Surgery

In order to select the best facial reconstructive surgery, patients must undergo a full evaluation with a plastic surgeon. Patients may need anywhere from only a single operation to a variety of operations to restore their appearance. If a person is born with a deformity, such as a cleft palate, then those repairs usually occur prior to the child's first birthday. Trauma and function operations are usually remedied right away to ensure quality of life.

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