Female to Male Phalloplasty (FTM Phalloplasty)

Definition - What does Female to Male Phalloplasty (FTM Phalloplasty) mean?

Female to male phalloplaasty is a gender reassignment surgery that harvests from donor sites of the body to create a flap that is to become the penis. After about nine months, a penile implant will be inserted in the newly created flap. The process of transferring the donor flap to the new location requires extensive skills to properly dissect the nerves, veins and arteries.

TheConsultation explains Female to Male Phalloplasty (FTM Phalloplasty)

Locations for the donor site include the thigh, forearm and back, as these areas receive ample blood supply and typically easily regain feeling and sensation. The nine-month wait time between the flap creation and the penile implant is necessary to give the body time to heal, which will allow the nerves to regrow without compromising the site of the implant. Other procedures, such as a vaginectomy or scrotoplasty, can be performed in conjunction with this procedure.

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