Gender Reassignment Surgery

Definition - What does Gender Reassignment Surgery mean?

Gender reassignment surgery refers to an individual's transformation from one sex to another. Individuals who live with gender dysphoria are candidates for this procedure because they feel that they were born into the wrong body. Typically, gender reassignment is the final step in the patient's transition process following counseling and hormone therapy. Gender reassignment surgery can include several surgeries that vary based on the goals of the patient.

TheConsultation explains Gender Reassignment Surgery

Because gender reassignment surgery is a lengthy process, there are several procedures that vary based on the biological sex of the patient. For example, a biological male may have their penis removed, facial feminization, breast augmentation, and may use vaginal dilators to keep the formed vagina flexible. Biological female patients may undergo breasts, ovaries, and uterus removed. A penis may be created from other tissue or a penile implant may be put into place. All or some of these surgeries fall under gender reassignment surgery. Not every patient elects to have all of the surgeries completed.

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