Definition - What does Gum-Lift mean?

A gum-lift or, otherwise, gingivectomy is a relatively simple surgery of the gums, which aims at improving the appearance of the teeth and smile. The periodontologist removes part of the gums that surround one or more teeth, which for some pathological reason may have become hyperplastic.

A gum-lift is also used to improve the look of the patient’s overall smile when the gums are not symmetrical or when they suffer from a gummy smile.

TheConsultation explains Gum-Lift

A gum-lift can be completed within only a session and it is usually performed under local anesthesia. The doctor with the use of the surgical laser, the electromotor or with a scalpel removes the part of the gingiva that overlaps the teeth. There is no downtime and healing from a gum-lift is fast and painless.

Always prior to gingivectomy, it is important the patient to effectively treat any gingivitis or periodontitis in order to eliminate any inflammation of the area.

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