Definition - What does Hypopigmentation mean?

Hypopigmentation is a skin condition that is identified because of patches or splotches of skin that appear lighter than the rest of the surrounding skin. This condition is caused when there is a lack of melanin that is being delivered to the skin cells. There are many potential reasons that could cause a disruption in a patient’s ability to produce melanin.

TheConsultation explains Hypopigmentation

Hypopigmentation can be a potentially embarrassing issue for patients to have because it often appears in visible areas on the skin. The lightening of the skin is caused by a lack of melanin. In order to receive proper treatment, it is important that patients and their doctors identify the cause of hypopigmentation.

Hypopigmentation can also lead to other conditions like albinism, vitiligo, pityriasis alba, or lichen sclerosus. When the hypopigmentation is widespread, doctors may also find that the cause is genetic.

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